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ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT ( ECU ) 0281013881 0 281 013 881

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CENTRALITA MOTOR ECU 0281013881 0 281 013 881
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Reference: 0281013881


Attention: This ECU needs to be programmed in order to work in your vehicle.(More info here)

If you wish to receive this unit already programmed (Plug and play ready), contact us first (Here) , so we can assure you it's plug and play compatible .

Buy with safety in Ecumotorstock.com
A year of warranty
48 hours delivery
Safe payment available
Worldwide shipping

Do I need to program this ecu after it's purchase?

Yes, if you want to receive it already programmed: Please contact us first .

Does this product has warranty?

All our ECUs have a one year warranty deal.

What it's mean it's a refurbished product?

It means despite the fact of being an used ecu, still has the performance of a new one, and almost same lifespan

How long until I get my order?

Most orders are delivered in a 24-48 hours range. For Europe the delivery time will be 24 hours, for United States and Canada 48, and for rest of countries a range of 24 to 72 hours. Shipping costs are shown in the cart resume page , after client's country selection.

Which payment methods are avalaible?

In our store you can use Paypal, Bank transfers and secure credit card payment.

Do you check the units before puting them up to sale?

Of course, each engine control unit put to sale, is thoroughly tested after being refurbished .

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ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT ( ECU ) 0281013881 0 281 013 881

ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT ( ECU ) 0281013881 0 281 013 881


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