busca la  ecu por la referencia del fabricante de la centralita o por la referencia del fabricante del coche
Unable to find your Unit?Then search it by reference. You can use the ecu manufacturer reference or the car model reference as well
cuadro de busqueda de referencia

Find the right unit for the right price, and receive it at home - or in your workshop - just 48 hours later.  Alongside this 48 hours delivery range, (North America, Europe and Some Latin American countries) we also offer a one year warranty deal and plug and play support.

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We have one of the largest ECUSs stocks in all Europe and posibly the world. Becasue of it, in  our store you'll find amost any reference from amost any  manufacturer. Let's say: Bosch, Delphi, Magneti Marelli, Delco, Siemens and Continental. Meaning that,  we are pretty much able to provide support, for about the 90% of the cars models currently in use nowadays. 

We as company, strongly belive in the importance of a good customer service. Given that in the end, a good company ultimate relies in it's reputation. And there's no best way of build a good one, that providing quality customer service.

Therefore along with the one year warranty, and the plug and play support: We also offer  express international delivery within a 2 days range,  for  European and North America countries (Among several  others).

We also have a 15 days money back policy, that allows our customers  to return the product and receive the 100%  of their money;  as long as they do it  within the  period of time of 15 days after their order's receipt.


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