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We believe there's no better business card that an good  customer service.  Good customer service creates good reputation, and what's more important: happy and satisfied clients. That's why  we offer a one year warranty, for all  the products in our store. Taking away from you the heavy  weight of worry. Allowing you to better focus in other more important matters.

Along with this one year warranty, we also offer you a 15 days money back policy: Meaning, that you will be able to return your engine control unit  in case of malfunction, and receive the 100% of your money. As long of course, as you do it within the time period of 15 days, after the receive of your package.



Thanks to the DHL's  Express International delivery:  We are able to hand over most of our orders (To European Union, North America and Some Latin American countries) in a 24 up to 48 hours range.

Having any doubts?. Then call us, we'll be pleasured to assist you. Are your doubts, confidence related ?. Well in that case don't forget to check our terms and conditions, we have made then plane clear, so there wouldn't be any misunderstand.

Also  you can verify our online reputation and service quality ranking: by clicking in the pink seal at the right of your screen. 

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Despite opening our online store in 2017, we've been in business since 2003. That means more than 15 years of gained experience, and of course a lot of satisfied customers. We are very passionate about what we do, and we do it with joy. Growing up little by little,  year after year, and thanks to the unconditional support obtained  from our clients: We have been able to become,  one of the most important companies in our sector. 

We took much pride on it, and continuously work in order to preserve it. Not only providing outstanding selling conditions, but also paying especial attention to our customer's opinions and worries.

As we have stated above, we are part of the eValor program. It means that we are constantly  under supervision. This is done in regular basis, and include mystery shoppers.  Also the eValor program includes a ranking feature that allows  'real customers'  to evaluate and share their experience.

Those opinions are certified as authentic by the program itself. By matching the orders IDs written in the review (as an identifier),  with the ones stored in our site's orders list - among other methods -  they ensure the legitimacy of all of them. Those can be seen, clicking in the pink  seal located at the right side of your screen.


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