Advantages of reprogramming ecu

Reprogram ecu  has many advantages, but the main of them all, is to do to increase engine performance and achieve a significant earnings enhancement, while more horsepower and torque force are won, but not only that, but also more power and less speed is achieved. With reprogramming ECU (Engine Control Unit) we will make our car engine run smoother, and we will provide greater throttle response to get optimize speed during acceleration.

Reprogram ECU, is not invasive techniques to the engine, since only data exchange are optimized without mechanical modifications.

In Ecumotorstock, somo specialists ECU reprogramming. We have the latest technology and the best diagnostic tools, as well as a testbed and technical experts in this field in order to offer the best guarantee of service.

About us

In Ecumotorstock we serving more than 15 years. Motorsport passionate about being the electronics of cars and commercial vehicles, our great specialty In our beginnings, in Ecumotorstock we were devoted almost exclusively to the rescheduling of vehicles, but thanks to our passion for the automotive world, the support of our customers and our desire to continue growing, we expanded services, and today, we are dedicated everything that has to do with ECU (engine control unit), becoming one of the main Spanish distributors in motor control units for cars.

Some of our services are: Repair airbags, ECU Reprogramming, immobilizers, sale and installation of power chips, repair of keys and many more services you can see in our online store. At our facilities, we have the latest machinery and technology for the diagnosis and repair of switchboards. In addition, we have a stock of more than 10,000 units switchboards, locked and unlocked, fully ready for a possible replacement.

The key to our success lies above all in the good service we give our customers, with the latter, which make us to remain a leader in the sector. Ask us without obligation through the "contact" section of our website, or by sending an e-mail to budget.

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